The Surnow Building
Birmingham, MI

  • Surnow Building
  • The Surnow Building - Birmingham, Michigan
  • Surnow Building

320 Martin Street, Birmingham, MI, 48009

The Surnow Building, located in the heart of Birmingham, Michigan, is not only home to The Surnow Company headquarters, it also serves as a quintessential example of the company’s mission.

The former City of Birmingham U.S. post office was built in 1939, but closed its public functions in 1990. Once listed for sale, most developers wanted to raze the building however, Jeffrey Surnow had the vision to repurpose it. As is the case with many of our renovation projects, The Surnow Company consulted with federal, municipal and community representatives on the renovations before proceeding.

The community had great sentimentality for the building. To preserve its continuity, The Surnow Company renovated the interior of the building but restored the exterior architectural integrity.

The interior was updated and brought to current code compliance for office usage and displays elements that have become a trademark for The Surnow Company: airy, streamlined, light-filled shared open spaces to inspire collaboration and a sense of community for those who work in the building.

Instead of a jarring mixture of two vastly different architectural styles, the Surnow Building is a vibrant blending of everything that is charming and stately with the “old” but attractive and exciting with the “new.”

The respect for community and architectural integrity balanced with the cutting-edge design that went into the renovation of this building has made it a trademark of The Surnow Company’s work.

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