Real Estate Development

Whether we are breathing new life into a neglected, old building with community significance or delivering new construction to rejuvenate a tired space, The Surnow Company creates relevant structures that support vibrant communities. We use the latest in building technologies while maintaining respect for vintage craftsmanship.

Over the past 40 years, our regard for architectural integrity, historical importance and community sensibilities, has provided The Surnow Company a niche of repurposing over one million square feet of significant structures.

From the start of the project, we work closely with municipalities and community leaders to determine the best possible use for a building or space. The same core team sees it through to ensure consistency and personal service throughout the life of the project

This collaborative, sustainable philosophy extends to our design choices: a distinguishing feature of many of our buildings is their open, airy interiors with abundant communal areas to facilitate interaction. We strive to use the most sustainable, environmentally friendly processes and products in our construction.

The pride in our work is evident in where our own projects stand today. They stand with us. We manage and lease the developments we created ourselves. We also manage and lease many of the developments we built for others.

Our Development Portfolio

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